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The Find My Counsellor website is designed, hosted and updated by dLook Pty Ltd (ABN 52 116 908 566), an Australian owned directory and online creative agency. www.findmycounsellor.com.au is a free service enabling customers to connect directly with local Counsellors, Parenting Advice & Support Services, General Health Support Groups, and Psychologists free of charge. The Find My Counsellor website is dedicated to helping you find your local trusted counselor who can help you face life’s daily challenges.

Find My Counsellor features thousands of local licensed counselors and psychologists offering psychological testing, psychotherapy, guidance and counseling services. Whether you are looking for a professional therapist who can help you overcome your alcohol or gambling addiction, or a caring counselor to help your child cope with adolescent issues, or perhaps a supportive shrink who can help you de-stress and unload whatever makes your heart and mind heavy, Find My Counsellor can help you locate a psychotherapist whom you can trust.

We should never be afraid to seek support and encouragement from counselors. They are here to help us lessen the burden of taking full responsibility with our lives. Counselors aim to help people see and understand things clearly so they can make better judgment. By seeking support from psychotherapists, psychologists, or counselors, we give ourselves the opportunity to enjoy a healthier, happier, and more positive frame of mind. Find My Counselor is here to facilitate your search in finding a counselor whom you can be most comfortable with. With Find My Counselor, you can be certain that you will get the chance to meet a professional whom you can really count on.

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